Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Relief operations, Mayor Alfred said

This article is courtesy of Ms. Gay Gaspay from Tacloban.gov.ph. To proceed to the original site, click this link. The owner of this blog does not intend to copy or violate the copyrights of the writer, but to disseminate and make Taclobanons aware of the current happenings in the city.

Tacloban City – As the Chief Executive of Tacloban City Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez leads the city government in conducting a series of relief operations in aiding flood stricken barangays of the city.

Mayor Alfred together with his wife Councilor Cristina Romualdez went on a series of relief operation to affected families in different barangays of Tacloban City which started the day the city was declared under State of Calamity.

Mang Raul, 70 years old of Palanog went home smiling with a bagful of relief goods thanked Mayor Alfred personally for the aid they got from him.

A pregnant mother of five, Mana Adela was happy to get her share for according to her will save them from hunger for days. The three kilos of rice can go along way for her kids, she can make a variation of rice porridge at their table for their meals.

Lola Kikay on the other hand, could hardly walk asked her granddaughter to accompany her in order to avail of the relief operation, was so happy to see among the goods inside a blue bag was a blanket which according to her will kept her warm on cold nights.

The 70 year old man, the pregnant mother of five and a lola who could hardly walk benefited the relief goods given by the City government in several barangays of Tacloban City affected by flood.

Relief goods were distributed in Barangay Alimasag, Costa Brava, San jose, Barangay Cogon, Barangay Diit, Palanog GE, Palanog proper, Barangay 95 & 96 Calanipawan and other barangays.

Mayor Alfred has assured his constituents through his constant presence in every calamity the city is undergoing that he will just be around to help them 24/7 together with the City Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Team.

Tacloban City is right now under a State of Calamity for experiencing a unusual phenomenon of having concentrated heavy downpour of rain attributed to it cold tail front flooding 25% of its total barangay.

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